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Dead Fish In California by the Millions -Planet X, Nibiru Connection

Millions of dead fish in California, Planet X is nearing!

Millions of dead fish in California, Planet X is nearing!

Since the start of 2011, millions of dead birds and fish have turned up all over the world without explanation. Add another case to the mystery today. This time, the dead fish turned up off the coast of California, near my home town of Los Angeles. Conservative estimates put it at a few hundred thousand fish, though the California Department of Fish and Game estimate at over a million.

That’s a lot of fish. Much more than the typical schools they travel in… A million fish are never together in one or two groups, and the official explanation of “ah, they swam in the wrong direction, and ah, ended up on a oxygen-deprived area of the harbor” is an outright lie, and even Andrew Hughan, spokesperson of the Fish and Game departement said phenomenon like this were rare and he personally hasn’t witnessed anything like it yet. Pretty scary. More of these happenings can be found in Google’s “Mass Animal Death” Map that they built (for unknown reasons).

At first we believed this new and shocking trend of species deaths was only related to honey bees (bad enough! That phenomenon itself,  CCD, or colony collapse disorder is one of the most devastating mass animal deaths we’re facing, as honey bees are vital to our food supply. Already we can feel the price of food dramatically rising. Do you think the uprising in Egypt due to food prices and living conditions is a coincidence? The worst news is that these deaths are now spreading to all types of animals. From birds to fish, all over the world, what’s next??

From blaming pesticides or genetically modified plants to cell phone tower radiation emissions,there are many theories for this new and frightening rise in animal deaths (the logic being that these artificial creations degrade animals’ internal navigation and equilibriums, of other things, and essentially remove their ability to function or find their way around). If this was so however, then why is all of this a new phenomenon? Have you heard of these mass deaths a few years ago, or 10 years ago? NO, you haven’t. But why not then, because pesticides and GMO plants and cell phone towers aren’t a new invention. They haven’t changed that much over the last 5 years.

One thing has changed though, and is changing, but mainstream media and the government won’t admit it. This change, or device of change rather, is of course Planet X, or Nibiru! It’s primary affect is the change on our magnetic environment, from the macro scale (think the magnetosphere of the Earth), to the micro–the small tiny magnetic resonances that make up most animals and insects” internal navigational. This is the only explanation for the honey bees not finding their way home and this dying in the open, to the birds that can’t fly and strike the ground, to the fish that can’t determine where to swim and migrate. As we’re getting closer to the fateful year of 2012, don’t be surprised to see things like this. What will happen exactly no one knows, but it never, EVER, hurts to be prepared. The massive seed banks and food vaults being built are no coincidence, but you shouldn’t count on any government helping you out in these coming years when the crap really hits the fan. It will be you versus the world.

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  1. #1 by Raymond Samora - December 25th, 2011 at 18:42

    2011 Millions of birds and fish and no explanation.My theory is some one made experiment and his expertise and was occomplished

  2. #2 by Sam - April 5th, 2012 at 12:11

    There is so much coming from differing directions all seemingly pointing to some kind of great chaos coming. Some are from religious teachings, some from conspiracy theorists, who aren’t completely wrong, except perhaps for the reasons behind their findings, Myans, Nostadomas, (sp), strange artificial, man-made linear clouds in the skies all over the world (look up on otherwise clear blue sky days to see their linear beginnings, they’re chemtrails not contrails. I’ve seen the tail of a jetplane with a chemical releasing several feet round device attached, the One World Order (why), what I was told at age 17 by my Dad’s uncle who dined with some of the Bilderbergs and showed me pictures of him eating with them, General Eisenhower and about 12 others. In 1968, as my now wife and I sat in her parents’ driveway, I put forth the following statement, “Watch over the coming decades how the upper class and lower class will grow while the middle class gets smaller and smaller.” I had no concrete basis for my thinking. But, apparently and for other reasons as well, I’ve been given the gift of prophecy, but only in vague terms and without any known reasons or current events leading me to have these thoughts. I am very sensitive and sensitized. I’ve made and lost large sums of money in traditional and entrepreneurial enterprises. I’m now 67 and have been married to that same girl I spoke those words to for 43 years. One of my weaknesses is to lack the courage of acting on what I sense coming. But, there are too many things not even mentioned that are leading me to see some sort of serious world catastrophies and human chaos.

  3. #3 by What Will Happen in 2012 - April 5th, 2012 at 17:27

    Hi Sam, it’s crazy isn’t it? We don’t really know what will happen, but that’s why we started this site. And not to mention the obvious economic and political troubles that lie ahead for the U.S., and the world as well. E.g., http://www.businessinsider.com/study-company-us-2012-4

    We believe that there will be man-made pandemics created soon to kill large amounts of people, to control population and for other reasons. This dead wildlife and fish may just be tests for something they want to use on humans later. May be related to HAARP.

    Some of our close family friends have already moved overseas, to Ecuador. Many are already choosing not to live in the U.S. any longer, even though we feel it relatively tranquil on all fronts. However, it can all change in an instant. 1) Boom: event, 2) martial law, 3) You’re screwed if you’re a citizen… If possible, every US citizen needs to get a different passport if possible.

    Sam, email us. You can use the address at the bottom, but please substitute with the proper characters as we had to write it that way to avoid spam.


  4. #4 by Arizona - May 18th, 2012 at 22:39

    WHEN are you guys going to make the connection????HARRP is killing everything and they are planning to cause a MASS FAMINE,throughout the world,to reduce the population,DNA sample then tune the frenency to that and it will kill everything in the circle,come on wake up thousands of dead deer on a river in montana,wake up!!!! please open your eyes,for you kids,there next! wake up these people are insane,get it???

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