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Breaking: 2012 Brick, Mayan “Comalcalco” Found in Mexico

A second, standalone reference to the year 2012 has been discovered. Although this 2012 brick, or, “Comalcalco Brick” as it’s called was discovered several years ago, it has been kept a closely-guarded secret by Mexican authorities and archeologists–this brick is separate entirely from the Mayan Long Count Calendar, and the implications of this archeological record [...]

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Details of the Ancient Mayan Calendar, FAQ

When wondering what will happen in 2012 and what the ancient Mayans perceived of this coming new age, you often hear the Mayan calendar referred to as just a single entity.  In actuality, it is an overlapping system with multiple calendars used in conjunction.  The two major calendars are the Tzolk’in and the Haab, used [...]

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Crop Circles Maya Connection

Ancient Mayan solar system depictions of 12, 21 2012 are now showing up in crop circles. Elaborate crop circles that are impossible to create by man (the speed, precision, layout, lack of footprints and other evidence and altered chemical and biological properties of the crop and soil are profound and completely defy conventional physics) . [...]


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