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2012 Natural Disaster Predictions and the 2012 Solar Storms

Just what lies ahead for us in the remainder of the year 2012? On December 21, 2012, the ancient Maya Long Count calendar comes to an abrupt end. With the alignments of planets and other astronomical bodies being seen and the growing number of natural disasters still being refuted by mainstream ideology, many are getting [...]

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Japan Tsunami Earthquake Today (March 10 2011) on Ring of Fire

>>>Emergency Update March 17, 2011<<<Nuclear Fuel Rod fire likely within 48 hours. An extremely hazardous situation is potentially unfolding, due to lack of water in pools.  Spent fuel rods in pools are exposed, and helicopter water drops offered little relief. These pools are unshielded and have no robust containment structure as do the reactors. These [...]

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About 2012 Doomsday

Isn’t it interesting, to say the least, that many different civilizations across the last couple thousands of years in history have been talking about the same day (or general time-frame) that we now commonly refer to as 2012? The more that I research about 2012, the more I find. From studying the Mayan calendar alone, [...]