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Blood Moon 4/15/14 & Passover 2014 – False Prophesy or Biblical? Jim Bakker

The Unites States will be asleep on Monday night, but an astronomical phenomenon commonly known as sign of God’s judgment will blaze uniquely across the skies of North America on 4/14/14 into 4/15/13.
Uniquely, this total eclipse will only be visible to people living in the Americas. And not just this one. This is only the [...]

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Book of Nostradamus 2012

The book of Nostradamus 2012 is, as they say, “the last book of Nostradamus.” It is a collection of eighty pictures painted in watercolor with a supplementary handwritten manuscript. Strange, cryptic images are shown, along with accompanying quatrains. This book of 2012 seems to cover a time span of approximately four centuries, beginning in the [...]


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Nostradamus Predictions for 2012

As we look at Nostradamus’ prophecies, we can see that he knows something very big is on the horizon for the world—we’re standing at a crossroads; we seem to have gone down a path that Nostradamus predicted has a peculiarly bad future, with no good end in sight, but the most chilling war and destruction-of-all [...]

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