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Latest: Tornadoes April 2012 and Tornado Disaster Survival

(Update) According to the National Weather Service (data most recently updated April 13, 2012) this year has been increasingly bad for the sheer number of tornado touchdowns as well as property damage and number of towns and cities affected by disasters. 2011 set the all-time record for most tornadoes in a year, but 2012 looks [...]


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How To Be Ready for 2012

From physical events taking place on Earth, to the evolution of consciousness, the majority of changes taking place leading up to 2012 will be exactly that–leading up to.  The changes we talk about here won’t happen overnight via a single event, but rather a accumulation or a series of events. Notice the new ideas and [...]



Fukushima Reactor Radiation Leak and Fuel Rod Fire March 15, 2011

We can only hope that the Fukishima Daiichi nuclear power plant complex won’t fall to a total and uncontrollable meltdown. If that were to happen, no one knows if the steel and concrete containment shield surrounding the reactor would be strong enough to resist the immense heat (2000-4000 Celsius) for possibly weeks on end until [...]

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