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NASA: Solar Flares Could Wipe Out US Power Grid in 2012

Latest update: The solar maximum is now predicted by NASA to now occur around mid-May of 2013, and not 2012 as stated in this video interview. This is frightening news, considering how quiet the Sun’s been recently–it’s a “calm before the storm” type issue that has NASA really worried now; the Sun is known to [...]



Planet X Evidence – Russian TV News Blowing Cover!

Aired on Russian television news–Mention of the existance of one more planet between Earth and Mars, and that it is moving on an oblique orbit. They said the planet Phaeton collided with Mars and was destroyed. Marduk is the one orbiting with period of 3600 years. That’s all I was able to find out. Can [...]

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We Will Survive 2012 – How to Start Preparing

If you are new to this but have come to terms with the possibility of what is to come and want to be able to survive 2012, here’s what you need to do: Begin with where you are.. The most important thing you can do right now is to look to and vibrate into [...]