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Planet X Location on Google Earth Sky: 5h 53m 27s,-6 10′ 58

Updated July, 2013- The previously posted Youtube video was removed, but the story is still the same. Were you able to go online and see it? See this video below, it’s a must-see; what is being hidden from the public that? Planex’s location? Something else headed Earth’s way? What’s going on here towards the end [...]

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Russian Meteor Strike in Urzhumka near Chelyabinsk – 2012 DA14 Fragment?

Some terrifying footage just in from the Russian meteor, on the eve of the near-miss of NEO (near earth object) 2012 DA14.

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Planet X Found – Weird Discovery on May 11 2012

According do astronomers at the National Observatory of Brazil, Planet X has been discovered! Or is it a cover-up, for the real Planet X making this simply the 11th or even 12th planet? What is going on here? Its sighting in the Southern Hemisphere makes complete sense, as planet X can only be seen from [...]

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