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Planet X Found – Weird Discovery on May 11 2012

According do planet-x-found-is-it-trueastronomers at the National Observatory of Brazil, Planet X has been discovered! Or is it a cover-up, for the real Planet X making this simply the 11th or even 12th planet? What is going on here? Its sighting in the Southern Hemisphere makes complete sense, as planet X can only be seen from Southern latitudes, but what exactly is this new discovery?

The observatory said this new planet’s presence has been seen effecting the orbits of Neptune and Pluto by astronomers, and finally enough proof has been gathered to make the announcement. Even though considering it is so far out from the sun that it has to be quite massive to have a gravitational effect on these planets.

According to the National observatory, it’s orbit is very strange and is in  a location in our solar system not previously believed to contain planets. That’s why it hasn’t been found before with any certainty. According to the observatory, this new found Planet X can be up to Neptune-sized, putting it at about four times the size of Earth, and on an orbit up to as far as 140 billion miles away.

This is very interesting, even though the real Planet X has been spotted before. What IS this new planet, and why so many discoveries in the beginning of 2012 already?

Read more about this planet on National Geographic here.

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    your story about planet-X is only 10% right..

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