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Planet X is Real! NASA Admits Possibility of “Large Planet in Outer Solar System”

Planet XBillions of dollars of new solar system scanning and planet detection equipment is currently being built for use in the near future! Even NASA is once again admitting that a potential planet X (Nibiru) is lurking in our solar system. Why? NASA’s Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer satellite (or WISE for short), is launching just this week from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. It’s publicly stated purpose is straightforward: to look for new objects in our solar system. Even more intriguingly, NASA publicly states that the satellite might discover a new planet on the outskirts of the solar system. This satellite is scheduled to be fully-functional by 2010. “There is still the possibility of a large planet in the outer solar system, according to some experts,” the mission’s project scientist, Peter Eisenhardt of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory remarks. “My point of view is, as long as there’s a reasonable chance of finding something, you ought to go and look.”

WHY the massive scientific interest in a Planet X, or Nibiru at NASA in the 1980s only to be silenced for two decades and then rapidly reemerge just a few years prior to 2012? What will happen in 2012? I’m sure they know!

That’s not all, other strictly planet-hunting instruments and telescopes are joining the search for new worlds as we speak. Very, very interestingly, these are designed to search areas that have not been looked at closely in the past (that is, far above and below the ecliptic plane where the solar system’s largest planets make their orbits). Why the sudden interest in this new area of the Milky Way?!

Here are the other instruments and satellites that will prove Planet X is real when the times is right:

  • The Pan-STARRS: An array of four telescopes being set up in Hawaii primarily to track fast-moving asteroids, some of which might threaten Earth. However, Pan-STARRS is also expected to search and find previously undetected planets (or rather, what they don’t want to tell us, to explore and LEARN more about previously DETECTED Planet X.)
  • Giant Magellan Telescope: Cost: nearly a billion US dollars! Due to be built in Chile by 2018, it will combine seven 27.6-foot-wide mirrors to be able to resolve clearer than the Hubble Space Telescope. This massive increase in telescopic ability at the cost of $700 million and a primary, singular objective of finding new planets in our solar system! What could be so important about unfound planets? Clearly there’s more at stake than the pursuit of knowledge and academic understanding of our solar system. There’s a lot more to planet X then they’re telling us, that’s for sure!
  • The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope: A $400 million project. Astronomers working on it state that just in the first week, they will see more data from this telescope than all the telescopes in humanity up to that point!”

The world government and illuminati know what’s coming (they’ve known for a long, long time and are long past the “preparing” stages of what’s to come). They can’t hide it forever. But most still don’t know. You’d be wise to started researching and preparing for yourself before it’s too late.  Remember it’s always better to be a little afraid then to suddenly be surprised!

photo credit: Mayan2012

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