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Blood Moon 4/15/14 & Passover 2014 – False Prophesy or Biblical? Jim Bakker

The Unites States will be asleep on Monday night, but an astronomical phenomenon commonly known as sign of God’s judgment will blaze uniquely across the skies of North America on 4/14/14 into 4/15/13.
Uniquely, this total eclipse will only be visible to people living in the Americas. And not just this one. This is only the [...]

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What is Planet X?

Planet X is a real, existing planet that’s part of our solar system just like every other planet, however this planet is the primary cause of the irregularities in the orbit of Pluto that do this day remains unexplained by NASA (even though the planet is there and they’ve seen it), but more to the [...]

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Two Suns in China 2012 Planet X Is Approaching!

A rare, unidentified phenomenon is now taking place in China which astronomers and scientists cannot explain. Two suns were fully visible in the day time sky just this morning. This is the first time the public media has shown images and video of this, as hundreds of thousands witnessed it.
Scientists and experts have been contacted, [...]

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