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Supermoon Earthquake Connection and 2012

Many argue that the Supermoon tonight (March 19, 2011) is of no relevance to either what will happen 2012, the Japan earthquake/tsunami or any other natural disasters that can or did already happen these past few weeks. However, supermoons in the past have closely coincided with the worst disasters in recent history:

The 2005 Indonesian earthquake/tsunami [...]

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Fukushima Reactor Radiation Leak and Fuel Rod Fire March 15, 2011

We can only hope that the Fukishima Daiichi nuclear power plant complex won’t fall to a total and uncontrollable meltdown. If that were to happen, no one knows if the steel and concrete containment shield surrounding the reactor would be strong enough to resist the immense heat (2000-4000 Celsius) for possibly weeks on end until [...]

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Japan Tsunami Earthquake Today (March 10 2011) on Ring of Fire

>>>Emergency Update March 17, 2011<<<Nuclear Fuel Rod fire likely within 48 hours. An extremely hazardous situation is potentially unfolding, due to lack of water in pools.  Spent fuel rods in pools are exposed, and helicopter water drops offered little relief. These pools are unshielded and have no robust containment structure as do the reactors. These [...]

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