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2012 Natural Disaster Predictions and the 2012 Solar Storms

Just what lies ahead for us in the remainder of the year 2012? On December 21, 2012, the ancient Maya Long Count calendar comes to an abrupt end. With the alignments of planets and other astronomical bodies being seen and the growing number of natural disasters still being refuted by mainstream ideology, many are getting [...]

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Breaking: 2012 Brick, Mayan “Comalcalco” Found in Mexico

A second, standalone reference to the year 2012 has been discovered. Although this 2012 brick, or, “Comalcalco Brick” as it’s called was discovered several years ago, it has been kept a closely-guarded secret by Mexican authorities and archeologists–this brick is separate entirely from the Mayan Long Count Calendar, and the implications of this archeological record [...]

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How To Be Ready for 2012

From physical events taking place on Earth, to the evolution of consciousness, the majority of changes taking place leading up to 2012 will be exactly that–leading up to.  The changes we talk about here won’t happen overnight via a single event, but rather a accumulation or a series of events. Notice the new ideas and [...]