What Will Happen in 2012


East Coast Earthquake and 2012

There has not been a single significant earthquake in the Central Virginia Seismic Zone since 1879, and this 5.8 Magnitude earthquake in Virginia was almost as strong as the 5.9 quake that struck in 1897, in Giles County, Va over 100 years ago. This August 23rd. 2011 quake is tied for third strongest along the [...]


Supermoon Earthquake Connection and 2012

Many argue that the Supermoon tonight (March 19, 2011) is of no relevance to either what will happen 2012, the Japan earthquake/tsunami or any other natural disasters that can or did already happen these past few weeks. However, supermoons in the past have closely coincided with the worst disasters in recent history:

The 2005 Indonesian earthquake/tsunami [...]

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Breaking- Find Out What You Need to Know About the Times We Live In

The 2012 phenomenon and accompanying doomsday scenarios are not sourced exclusively from the Mayan calendar. However, the ominous day of December 21, 2012 and the remainder of the 2012 calendar year does originate from the ancient Maya. Only the Mayans were able to pinpoint this exact date—their experience in astronomy in [...]

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