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Fukushima Reactor Radiation Leak and Fuel Rod Fire March 15, 2011

NEW Fukushima reactor explosion plume live

NEW Fukushima reactor explosion plume live

We can only hope that the Fukishima Daiichi nuclear power plant complex won’t fall to a total and uncontrollable meltdown. If that were to happen, no one knows if the steel and concrete containment shield surrounding the reactor would be strong enough to resist the immense heat (2000-4000 Celsius) for possibly weeks on end until the nuclear reaction slows down and cools off. There are new reports of radiation leaking from the plant in quantities far surpassing the past three days. At the current rate, within 7 minutes, a person would receive the maximum dose allowable within a year. The reason no one (including scientists) don’t know what will happen is because quite frankly it’s never happened before! No one has ever put a large-size nuclear reactor like the one in Japan through a meltdown on purpose–it’s too dangerous, and there’s no scientific experiments on how long such a massive bulk of molten uranium will stay critical. The latest updates (March 14, 10:00 pm) state that the reactor #2 has now suffered an explosion–different than the previous two hydrogen explosions–and most likely has a damaged containment shield. The scientists and brave crews working the control station exposing themselves to 10,000% the normal levels of radiation ( in specialized suits of course, but that is not without dangers nevertheless), must now very quickly find a way too create a sustainable method of cooling for reactor #2, because if it were to meltdown, there would be no more line of defense against a nuclear catastrophe, since the massive steel/concrete containment structure is now compromised.

It must be noted at this point (Japanese officials are slowly releasing the disquieting and grave news, and is making its way through the media), but no one has yet come out and publicly stated that now the only 2 things keeping Japan’s nuclear meltdown from quickly escalating into into a category-7 Chernobyl level accident is the fact that 1)they still have some chance of saving the reactor from meltdown due to better design of reactor 2)the containment structure is still somewhat intact. Other than that, there is nothing. No modern reactor was ever supposed to even come close to this type of situation ( a complete blackout with no power/water/access to control room).  Ever. The Daiichi nuclear power plant has over 20x the amount of active and spent nuclear fuel that Chernobyl had at the time. If the core experienced a meltdown, and the containment structure didn’t hold up, there would be grave consequences as the reactor core would essentially be opened to the environment the same way Chernobyl was and the hundreds of tons of spent fuel rods would catch fire if not continually submerged in water. At least if the top of the building was in place, it would offer protection. Now there would be none. The fuel rod fire is the most worrying development. The media isn’t saying, but a more serious situation is when the spent fuel rods get exposed to air, rather than the active rods in the reactor. The reason for this is simple, there is no containment shield around the spent rods like there is against the ones in the reactor!

To catch a glimpse of the hell that is a live and active molten nuclear reactor core, take a look at this bone-chilling video of the Chernobyl accident hours after it happened and see the molten mass of thousands of pounds of nuclear fuel (this is the first an only time any human has caught a glimpse into a nuclear chain reaction actively taking place). The pilot of this helicopter died within the week, and even the film in the camera was damaged by the immense torrent of radiation.

With more uranium present (let alone of higher concentration/enrichment) and the reactors closer together than the Soviet-designed reactors, Japan’s so far unfolding doomsday scare may turn into the worst disaster that has befallen the planet in the past 100 years. The U.S. navy has now moved it’s carrier the USS Ronald Reagan off the coast of Japan to a safer location after detecting a heavy form of radiation.

If you are reading this and are located anywhere near Northern Japan, or as far as Korea and China, now would be the time to visit your pharmacy and purchase Potassium Iodide tablets in case the worst happens. Also, stocking up on several weeks of food and supplies so you don’t have to open the doors and leave the relatively safe environment of your home would be extremely prudent.  Nevermind the 2012 headline, read this guide on how to survive any contingency including the present impending nuclear situation . Click here for 2012 survival.

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