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Details of the Ancient Mayan Calendar, FAQ

When wondering what will happen in 2012 and what the ancient Mayans perceived of this coming new age, you often hear the Mayan calendar referred to as just a single entity.  In actuality, it is an overlapping system with multiple calendars used in conjunction.  The two major calendars are the Tzolk’in and the Haab, used together. The Tzolk’in calendar consists of  260 days, the Haab, 365 days.  These two together create a cycle of 52 Haabs, or 52 years, also known as the “Calendar Round.”  Small calendars exist with the ancient Maya as well. Cycles of 13 days are called the Trecena, and 20 days the Veintena. That is the absolute shortest way to describe the Mayan “calendar.”

As a whole and as individual parts, the ancient Maya system of timekeeping is hugely fascinating and quite complex.  It is the most accurate calendar known to have ever existed.  The intricacies and details of it are far beyond what I can paraphrase of summarize on this page, but I have included the three best resources I know of for anyone who wants to further their knowledge of this amazing achievement of humanity. The resources are in order of complexity, the first being the easiest to digest.




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