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Mayan Predictions and the Bible Code for 2012

Seven years after the start of the Mayan Katún (1999), defined as the Galactic period, humanity entered into a new era of consciousness. We are on the brink of carrying humanities’ consciousness into the era of the Universal, which predicted by the Maya begins sometime in 2011 (yes, before 2012). Humanity will reach a state of consciousness where one’s true self is revealed. An individual will have two spiritual paths—either receive the light or remain in darkness for the entire cycle of ages, according to Mayan astronomical predictions and beliefs.

Some wonder if Mayan’s beliefs and calendar support any other religious prophecies such as Christianity? If so, which ones and how? Are there any connections for what will happen in 2012? What about the bible code? The year 2012 is much more than simple astronomical curiosities for the Maya— they knew the cycles of our earth and the entire cosmos are interconnected and humanities’ consciousness and even physical properties are hinged upon them. Doomsday and Biblical Armageddon as predicted in ancient Hebrew teachings never directly address these issues, yet they all deserve attention and answers and many truths can be learned from the Mayan beliefs and predictions. It’s true that every major religion (even minor religions) and non-religious spiritualists agree and know that things are going to change. But how?

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  1. #1 by Jerry Hood - March 17th, 2012 at 05:45

    There are published(only in)U.K.the masonic CODED Bibles by Oxford and Cambridge Univ.Press,mainly the New English Bibles,but also some KJV and Illustrated RSV Bibles which contain precessional codes on bottom(under the biblical texts)of right pages,usually from A to X alphabetical order.Once you locate them all and summarize the pages,it gives you calendrical and precessional datas.There also numerous subcodes with it,of solar cycles usually.The Qur’an has 27 coded suras.Each letter and wovel has gematria value.Once summarized,they give amount of 5773,what equals to the solar year of 5773A.L.or A.M.what is the year of 2012CE…End of so called Maya calendar based on sunspot activity.In the year 5773A.M.also ends the Great Year,consisting of 25773 our solar years.The Great Solar Year has 25920 years and the Great Lunar Year has 25627 years.Thus the Great Tropical Year is in between both with 25773 years.

  2. #2 by Jerry Hood - March 17th, 2012 at 05:52

    Then follows the Hebrew codes within the Torah/Pentateuch texts.Of course,there are other numerous codeas as well,such as the ‘closed mem’in Isaiah 9:6;or the reversed nuns in Psalms.It appears more clear nowadays thast the Pentateuch was constructed by a supercomputer in the old ages of high enlightenment of mankind…Please,go to Google:Maya Calendar In The US Skyscrapers Architecture: Maya 2012 Calendar and Louis Farrakhan Speaks To Obama-scroll to middle ans under Jaroslav Kukla name you can read all the “secrets and mysteries”of masons decyphered,including 9/11 “Black September”calendar events…

  3. #3 by Jerry Hood - March 24th, 2012 at 03:40

    To all who denies the fact that Maya calendar is aimed at its end and the end of the Great Cosmic Year synchronized with the end of the 5th age of Sun(the 5th part of the Great Cosmic Year)confirmed by the current galactic alignment of the two stargates(Min/Tav and Yama as male and female),plus our Sun, I wish nice dreams in their utopian “transformation”to higher realms,because all those are pure nonsense!A true fantasmagoria without any scientific confirmation!It is only doctrinal,empty bla,bla,bla…On 6.6.2012 is second transit of Venus(8.6.2004 was first transit across the Sun),the Maya planet of WAR and ’starwars’…The decision to attack Iran has been already made in masonic culoars…These spiritual transformists should get ready because there will be huge transformation of many dead in this forthcoming war planned to end this age with depopulation of the world…These spiritual idiots only cause a lot of damage to the truth about the events soon to unfold.I wish them fast rapture and transformation so they do not polute the airwaves and websites anymore…

  4. #4 by jenn - June 10th, 2012 at 18:13

    The myan did not have the leap year that we have now. They had extra day by there calendar we would be on 2013 and we would be dead. Man cannot predicte the end only God knows quit guessing makes ppl look stupid

  5. #5 by shirley pedersen - August 12th, 2012 at 18:53

    What will happen to all the Christians on TV that speak only the BIBLE is truth. They do not believe in Aliens or life anywhere else. It says GOD made the heaven’s and Earth.. Plural.. I believe in a GOD, no one has seen him or can tell what he looks like. I just go by the picture I know of Jesus. I believe in the 10 commandments.. If everyone followed them..it would be a great world. I also believe in reincarnation. They say alot is still in the BIBLE and alot has been taken out, when they reprinted the BIBLE.. How many times has it been rrewritten? It is so hard to believe certain things. You say 911 was fabrication in so many words. What about the people who saw in in the Flesh?? I think they had explosives in the building. I also believe that he Muslins want to take over the World.. So am I wrong>> lead me to the truth and the readings of the truth.

  6. #6 by Faith - November 9th, 2012 at 14:24

    The question is, with the UFO’s really visible why do Christians stick their heads in the sand and deny the fact that there is something out there. The UFO things are they are dimensional beings, we call fallen angels. And if the Mayan’s are right, then they could have come to catch the none believers away. We never have heard or read of a Believer and follower of Jesus Christ being so called abducted by the so called aliens (demons). So, this is my thought on it.

  7. #7 by Jerry Hood - March 2nd, 2013 at 12:24

    The zionist Blue Lodge TARGET YEAR 2013 appears to be real! Pope Papa-Ratzinger had resigned…Why? Because the masonic lodge had selected him as a Pope,knowing that he was very old and sick man,already in 2005! Expecting,he would die before the Target Year-2013…He didn’t,so he hed to RESIGN,to fulfil the “prophecies” of Malachi about the Popes…Including the Third part of the Fatima “prophecy”abot the War of Armageddon…(With Iran,which suppose to accelerate into nuclear WW3)…When the Vatican’s Curia(Lords) will be selecting the Last Pope,Petrus Romanus, Husein Obama travels for the Protocols of WW3 into JerUSAlem,to receive it from Netanyahu-puppet of Rothschilds…The Iranian government is also masonic and Ahmadinejaad often travels to the Jew Yoke UN Headquarter-the largest masonic lodge in the world for the puppets to receive instructions-notifications of further steps of the international cabal-plot…The Blue Lodge TARGET YEAR of 2013 is clearly encoded by the masons into the US “national” flag, US Great Seal,and the 9/11 zionist-terrorist attacks blamed on the moslems and Islam(ists)…Abu NIdal=Ladin bin,both associated with Black Septembers terrors and hijacking of civilian airliners…This is clear product of the zionist international cabal!! The New JerUSAlem flag has currently 9 rows+11 columns of stars=20. Plus 6+7 stripes=13,hermetic-masonic coded TARGET YEAR of 2013! The Great Seal of the corporeal-zionist USA has 19 clouds of solar magnetoplasma(the Sun peaks its solar activity in 2013)in a circle,which is the 20th “hijacker”…Within this circle of solar clouds is the zionist Magen David star with 13 stars,creating the cabalistic TARGET YEAR of 2013 again! Of course,the 9/11 zionist-terrorist attacks hide the same pattern: Flight AA11 had 2 pilots+9 crew members=11…Flight UA175 had 2+7=9…Because both Flights allegedly hit the Twin Towers in Jew Yoke City,it creates the cabal hidden code of 9/11 making 20 in summary(Sun and galactic cycle number,used by the Maya also)…Flight AA77 heading for Pentagon(female stargate) had 2 pilots + 4 crew members=6. Flight UA93 had 2+5=7,creating in both cases the masonic code of 6/7,in summary 13…In summary,it is not only the Maya Tzolkin of 20×13 calendar,but also the zionist-masonic TARGET YEAR of 2013!! Duplicated by this masonic architecture: The demolished(by supertermite) Twin Towers had squared shape: SQUARE+SQUARE+PENTAGON=13 desciples at the Last Supper and/or the 13 Maya Bak’tuns(13 founding colonies)…But the zionist cabal-Blue Lodge also demolished WTC7 of Solomon(zionist)Brothers…13+7=20,creating the cabalistic-zionist TARGET YEAR of 2013!!!! One should remember,the sacred&secret number of the nazi-zionist Skull&Bones lodge of Khazarian president Bush is 322…March 22,2013,when some big decision shall be taken,or some great zionist event shall take place,like military strike against Iran,selection of new cabalistic pope,Petrus Romanus,or Husein Obama will receive the Protocols in old JerUSAlem from his master,Netanyahu…Lets see and wait…

  8. #8 by Jerry Hood - March 31st, 2013 at 09:07

    On the 13.03.2013 was selected the Last Pope-Petrus Romanus. It is an Argentinian jew-pope,Jorge mario Bergoglio(Berg is Yiddish name for Montain,just like Mont or Piedro)…Since vatican is freemasonic lodge full of “secret and sacred numbers and symbols”,one has to follow it to unravel their last “secret”…The Germa jew-pope Ratzinger selected the name of Benedict XVI,after the medieval pope Benedict whose symbol was the OLIVE…Hence,the assigned prophecy about the popes by Irish prophet Malachi who named last 112 popes,was “Gloria olivae” to the pope number 111(in reality the one before the last one whose number was 265th pope)-to Ratzinger…The current pope,Bergolglio is the pope number 266,and 112th according to Malachi…He said that the Last Pope will be named as Petrus Romanus!! he didn’t state anywhere that he has to be a ‘black man’-pope…Hence,the Last pope of the Vtican’s lodge has selected the name of Francesco I, after the Italian patron,Francesco from Assisi,whose real name was Giovanni di Pietro(Peter,or from Peter’s lineage)Bernardone…Here is the “hidden” name of Petrus Romanus!!! furthermore,he was selecte on March 13,2013…The number 13 is assigned in the Bible to Judas Iscariot…Thus,the current Last pope will have to fulfil the role of “Black Peter” and traitor Judas Iscariot…The moves-actions of the current,liberal pope only points that way…His admission to girlfriend and rebellious youth only further fuel all these suspicions…We see on the Last Supper total of 13 people,the 13th is Judas Iscariot,the traitor of Jesus!!!!

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