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Nemesis Theory 2012 and Planet X

It started as a discussion in 1983 between two experimental physicists, Richard Muller and Luis Alvarez, regarding a paper they had received. The paper came from David Raup and John Sepkoski, two respected paleontologists, and they were making the remarkable claim that great catastrophes occur on the Earth every 26 million years, like clockwork. It was only 4 years earlier in 1979 that Alvarez had proposed that the extinction of the dinosaurs had been triggered 65 million years ago by an asteroid crashing into the Earth. Many paleontologists had initially paid no regard to this theory, and one had publicly dismissed Alvarez as a ‘nut’, regardless of his Nobel Prize in physics. But David Raup and John Sepkoski had both liked Alvarez’s asteroid theory and now were sending their own theory to Alvarez, or rather their findings, as they offered no explanation. Muller and Alvarez agreed to research their bizarre claim that great catastrophes occur on the Earth every 26 million years.http://www.thekeyboard.org.uk/Our%20Nemesis.htm <– Great read, worth checking out

2012 nemesis theory planet x

In short, they noticed regular extinctions of various species (including the dinosaurs), and proposed that something large, a “Death Star” or planet cyclically brings with it a shower of meteors and small comet-like objects that in turn cause mass destruction and death to planets in the inner solar system including Earth! In Muller’s words, “Suppose there is a companion star that orbits the sun. Every 26 million years it comes close to the Earth and does something, I’m not sure what, but it makes asteroids hit the Earth. Maybe it brings the asteroids with it….”

In August 1988,  U.S. Naval Laboratory researcher Dr. Robert S. Harrington calculated that this rouge planet’s  mass is probably four times that of earth. In the astronomical terms this body is a “dark star,” a large mass–much larger than a planet, but not large enough to form a bright star.

When this Planet X passes Earth and our sun, Earth will align itself to its strong magnetic or gravitational field temporarily–instead of the sun’s. The prophecies mentioned from the Bible thus far begin to make sense with this information. Earth’s rotation could pause for a few days. In no other way is this physical circumstance possible. Before this theory, ancient understandings of the bible generally regarded it as myth; but with this discovery, it must be considered a past reality and a future reality as well.

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    great post as usual!

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    Only God can save us if don’t believe in Christ I bet you should be cos tide and time waits for no man. Start believing in christ and find a true christian church to attend because very soon the wrath of God will be on man. He gave his only begotten son so that we might not perish but we refused Him. think twice

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