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Natural Disasters in 2012 – Does God Hate New Orleans?

Disaster in New Orleans possible 2012

First Katrina, now the massive BP oil spill. People are starting to wonder and ask questions if there is indeed some kind of curse put on this part of America, or if God hates New Orleans and its lawless and anti-biblical happenings. Why does so much bad happen in one area? What is causing this? I think the more valid question is the following: “Is New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico an early (or very late) indicator of what is about to start happening around the world leading up to the end times, and more importantly, what is to happen in and after 2012?”

Will natural and man-made disasters alike be responsible for the destruction of our planet? Will it be only natural disasters? Will it only be man-made disasters? WHAT IS a natural disaster, what’s natural in it? Consider the fact that natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and volcanoes have always taken place on our planet since the start. Sure they’ve taken the lives of plants and animals, but it was a natural cycle and although cruel, happened on a somewhat regular schedule.  (More info on the Nemesis Theory, which relates, here). But on the other hand, you must realize that there has never been such a mass a concentration of any living thing, namely humans, in one area–ESPECIALLY A DISASTER PRONE AREA!

Through their very simple but well-honed and pure senses, all plant and animal life have a way of sensing certain things, local disasters and global cataclysms included. (I wont’ go into detail here, but I’ll be sure to write a blog post about it soon). Almost all humans, however,  are no longer pure enough to sense these things. Their other-dimensional bodies are not at all well tuned to their physical body, and most have no idea of how to use the vast amount of reach and information available to their being. In other words, animals can sense when to flee an area. Whether they physically can is another matter.  We humans with our detuned senses yet all the technology in the world still can’t detect these things, and yet are too stubborn and stupid to understand the risks. When disaster finally strikes, we are outraged and mourn our dead, yet we did nothing to prevent it.

I think this can be said for Katrina and Also the BP oil spill. It wasn’t God that built a major city in a low-lying area. It wasn’t god who failed to build adequate levees.  It was us–people. It wasn’t God who decided to drill for oil in the Gulf. It was people. We did that–yet when a typical natural disaster comes (The geography of New Oreans has been victim to innumerable  hurricanes according to our knowledge), or when a man-made accident happens (humans aren’t perfect, and accidents happen, whether it’s making a cake, building a house, or drilling for oil) we get outraged and blame god or “the end times” or say it’s a curse, or “bad luck” or any other thing.

I think the same can be said of what will happen in 2012, and how it relates to Bible prophecy and the Maya and Nostradamus predictions: us humans will cause our own demise–whether it’s initiated by natural disasters or man-made disasters. Either way, what will destroy us is our own creations. Earth has almost reached it’s tipping point; we’ve pushed our luck too far.

We’ve lived out of harmony with Earth for too long, and it will vomit us out. It will restore itself. Over time. But it won’t restore us humans as fast. All humans won’t die, but most will. Our species will be purged of evil. This is what the Bible describes as the New Heaven and New Earth. This is what the Mayans predicted will happen in 2012. This is what Nostradamus saw in his visions. We cannot go on with life as we know it. Earth knows this. God knows this. Every living thing knows this–including humans. We are just too out of tune to even feel it. We understand it logically, but that is not the same as feeling it inside the core of your being.  We will though soon. We will. Some already feel it, and some may be spared, but there are no guarantees! You must find your own truth and do not listen to anybody unless you feel the connection and share it with them!

Why do you think the movie Avatar touched moviegoers worldwide on such a primal level? It wasn’t that “oh, look the poor natives of Pandora are having their home destroyed, kind of like how are Earth is being destroyed.” NO. That was only a small part. That movie was deep on another dimension, it showed the connection the native Na’vi people had to their earth, the almost electric and direct connection they had to their mother, and how towards the end Jake understood this, and connected to it, first through Neyteri, then directly through the earth. Avatar Nyetiri DisasterThis the level we humans should be on with earth. Not literally of course, but spiritually–we don’t have the connection they have through their umbilical cord-type cable, but we have much better: our brains are evolved to the point where they’re essentially radio transmitters, for lack of a better description. We don’t need a direct hard-wired link! We just need to”feel it :)

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  1. #1 by Surajkumar sur - November 8th, 2012 at 01:06

    Absolute Truth

  2. #2 by jeb - November 28th, 2012 at 19:56

    i live 40 miles from N.O. And was born there in 83′. They just want everyone to move so they can industrialize the area (the WHOLE GULF COAST). De-popualtion…………40 billion plan headed by US army corps of engineers $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$..I think even jesse Ventura did a special on it from what I hear….

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