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What Happens During a Pole Shift?

Eye of the moon
The events that take place during a polar shift are anything but calm. As the Earth approaches the precession of the equinox when the transformations begin to manifest, everything begins to break down—the key here is that we use the magnetic field of the Earth to interpret who/what we are and also depend on it to store our memory. When you hear of a “shift in consciousness” that’s coming in 2012, just consider the low-order effect of the moon on the earth’s magnetism: It’s confirmed fact that on the day before, the day of, and the day after the full moon there is an general increase in murders, rape, and other violent behavior. This is so because the moon causes a bubble on the Earth’s magnetic field and this minute bubble is enough to push already emotionally disturbed people over the edge.

As the 2012 pole shift approaches, things will begin to go out of balance, and the magnetic field of Earth will begin to fluctuate significantly over a very short period of time (a few months). A comparative scenario would be if the full moon kept getting bigger and bigger every day. As this draws, on people will begin to become mentally unstable. Needless to say, this breaks down economical and social structures as it’s only people who keep these structures together.

photo credit: Antanith

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  1. #1 by Arizona - May 18th, 2012 at 23:31

    YEA,YEA theres going to be a big awaking alright,the problem is that most of the people that would have awakened will be dead because of nonsence like this, 400mph wind speeds,rocks flying thru the air, every kind of thash the wind picks up, and the sky will be full of dirt it may rain for months after the pole shift,freezing weather for months maybe years, tidal waves on the coast 3miles high every thing flooded for hundreds of miles inland,no food , no clean water,no power, trees and animals gone,bugs,bees,birds,snakes you name it gone in minutes not days or weeks,wake up this is going to be tough to survive,start getting ready NOW!!!! the only real warning will be red dust collecting on windshields-light red dust,8-12 hours before the pole shift! heavy red dust maybe 2 hours or less,before pole shift starts you must be in or near your place of safety.don’t be anywhere it is going to flood,remember this,high ground and far from the coast,remember to take a bottle of oxygen to breath in case the atmosphere is torn away in the passing,read your bible,the whole thing is there,now you know why they want to ban it don’t you????

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