Planet X Found – Weird Discovery on May 11 2012

According do planet-x-found-is-it-trueastronomers at the National Observatory of Brazil, Planet X has been discovered! Or is it a cover-up, for the real Planet X making this simply the 11th or even 12th planet? What is going on here? Its sighting in the Southern Hemisphere makes complete sense, as planet X can only be seen from Southern latitudes, but what exactly is this new discovery?

The observatory said this new planet’s presence has been seen effecting the orbits of Neptune and Pluto by astronomers, and finally enough proof has been gathered to make the announcement. Even though considering it is so far out from the sun that it has to be quite massive to have a gravitational effect on these planets.

According to the National observatory, it’s orbit is very strange and is in  a location in our solar system not previously believed to contain planets. That’s why it hasn’t been found before with any certainty. According to the observatory, this new found Planet X can be up to Neptune-sized, putting it at about four times the size of Earth, and on an orbit up to as far as 140 billion miles away.

This is very interesting, even though the real Planet X has been spotted before. What IS this new planet, and why so many discoveries in the beginning of 2012 already?

Read more about this planet on National Geographic here.

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Latest: Tornadoes April 2012 and Tornado Disaster Survival

2012-massive-tornado-damage(Update) According to the National Weather Service (data most recently updated April 13, 2012) this year has been increasingly bad for the sheer number of tornado touchdowns as well as property damage and number of towns and cities affected by disasters. 2011 set the all-time record for most tornadoes in a year, but 2012 looks to be even worse.

Click on the chart below to expand. Notice that the red line is the absolute maximum record for the number of tornadoes in a year (which was in 2011), and the purple line is the minimum. The black line is the current year 2012, and notice that it is well above the orange line which is the 75th percentile, and almost right up there with the red line. This means that the 2012 tornado season has just begun, but as of March is already right up there with the all-time record of last year’s tornado season.

midwest-tornadoes-in-2012-official-chartMarch and April of 2012 were already devastating with tornado disasters ranging from Michigan to Texas to Kentucky, but Tornado Alley’s outlook is even worse. May and June 2012 tornado predictions are already out after being calculated from current weather patterns and historic statistics, and some very big (and lots) of twisters are in store according to meteorologists and weather experts. The Southeast including the Tennessee Valley and the Lower Mississippi Valley can expect much more than normal tornado activity, as well as the Northeast as we move toward summer in the next 2-3 months. For some good tips on tornado survival and how to keep you and your family safe click here.


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2012 Natural Disaster Predictions and the 2012 Solar Storms

2012-solar-storms-massive-super-flare-disasterJust what lies ahead for us in the remainder of the year 2012? On December 21, 2012, the ancient Maya Long Count calendar comes to an abrupt end. With the alignments of planets and other astronomical bodies being seen and the growing number of natural disasters still being refuted by mainstream ideology, many are getting worried, and rightfully so. Considering the 2012 solar storms and solar flare activity predicted by NASA, the possibilities of 2012 at best being a new dawn, or at worse, a huge global disaster, are widely accepted by many, but dangerously ignored by others.

During March 8-10th of 2012, geomagnetic and solar radiation smashed into earth like a freight train. The X5-class solar flare which hit Earth was the largest since 2005, said NASA. Such powerful solar storms, known as coronal mass ejections, powered into our planet threatening satellites systems and power grids. They also allowed people as far south as Yorkshire, England to be able to view the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights as the compressed magnetic fieldsat the poles pushed the natural phenomena further south. These coronal mass ejections may well have only registered a X5 on a scale that can go over X50+ (each value is exponentially greater than the previous, so an X6 would be 10 times more powerful than an X5 solar flare) , but the sun has now entered its next phase in an 11-year cycle of solar maximum. Already, American Airlines has taken the precaution of rerouting some of its flights away from the polar region and putting contingencies in place should communications with aircraft be lost.

Should a solar flare as big as the 1859 Carrington Event take place today, modern life would be paralyzed with damages in the trillions of Dollars and cities without power for weeks,  months or years, according to National Geographic. With everything from our watches to our cars to factories relying on microprocessor (computer) control, geomagnetic disturbances that are strong enough to cause sparks on metal equipment that are touching the ground would fry all modern electronic equipment and obliterate our way of life as we know it. Even more worryingly, the 1859 event happened during a solar maximum about the same size as the one we are in now, according to NASA. Even skeptical scientists and those who don’t’ believe in the year 2012 are now considering this worrying development of this super solar storm possibility in 2012. It could well mean the end of life as we know it should a large eruption occur.

There is nervousness all around as 2011 was registered as one of the most expensive years in history for disasters and 2012 does not look any better. We are barely a quarter of the way into the New Year and already we have seen mounting disasters and impending doom. We will keep you updated on any new situations as they arise.

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